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West Highland Terrier Puppies for Sale and Breed Information

If you are looking for a West Highland Terrier puppy, you have come to the right place.

We are Kennel Club registered and have puppies available most of the year all of which are checked and vaccinated by a Vet. Puppies are available from nine weeks onwards and are all kept with their parents and grandparents, all of whom can be viewed. There are no hereditary problems within the family line.

These small elegant looking dogs with their beautiful white coats, bright eyes and black button noses make great pets. Whether you live in a small town house or city flat, or a house in the country they will happily play indoors or out and make great companions for children of all ages.

Sarah's 9 month old Alfie gets his Bronze Kennel Club award
Sarah's 9 month old Alfie gets his Bronze Kennel Club award!

The price of the Westie and Scottie puppies is £800 each.

We occasionally have Huggy Bears (westie/scottie cross known as Scoland Terriers in America) £500 (please phone for availability).
See some photo's of the adorable Huggy Bears.

Availability update (October 2014).

Adult Females
3 x Adult female Huggy Bears available.

    1 x Black
    2 x Brindle
    Aged 2, 3 and 6
    250 each
Contact us for further information.

Westie and Huggy Bear puppies available end of September 2014. (be quick they go fast!)

Please phone for further information.

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